It feels so warming to be sitting in bed with my Mac, Super Soul Sunday playing in the distance, and receiving a long, tender kiss from my man. The prickles from his scruffy face tickling my upper lip….this feels good!

My story didn’t always feel this way for sure. Hello! I’m Jillian and I’m a love and relationship coach. I was so tired of hearing the same old clichés in love. You must love yourself wholly before you can receive love. You’ll never find love when you’re looking. Once you drop your jealousy, anger, judgment, blah, blah, blah, then you’ll be perfect enough for love.  

Frankly, it’s all too exhausting. Trying to fix yourself, attempting to let go of your desire for love, forever seeking this “completeness” so you don’t feel as foolish as a character in a Renee Zellweger movie. It’s enough!

Women always ask me where do I find love? So I ask, where are you looking? Their answers are always different but my answer is always the same. I can teach you in a process that brought me my partner, my success and a deep sense of purpose to my life. I combine philosophy and psychology, my two passions, to share the joyful path to knowing real love.

After spending 35 years reading way too many self-help books and becoming somewhat successful to the outside eye, Jillian found herself continually frustrated and in the same un-fulfilling relationships and mediocre careers.  When she decided to turn her focus within, on her internal deep desire to know herself, she discovered a process that combined her passion for eastern philosophy along with modern psychology.  This path within lead Jillian to attaining the rich life she had only ready about; meeting her amazing life-partner, living her life’s purpose, and becoming the creator and founder of

       Jillian is a certified Life Coach.

She works with strong, spiritual women who are ready to take on the journey of discovering the true power that lies within; women who are ready to find love with the partner of their dreams and those who are in search of finding the path towards living a life filled with joy. She’ll work together in a very intimate way, specifically customized for you; to provide all the resources you’ll need to take the next step into the world you thought only existed in your dreams.  Jillian can be reached at ♥

 I spent so much TIME and MONEY learning from the top experts, so I feel privileged to save you those efforts and pass on what I now know.

What are you waiting for?!?


“Jillian is so wonderful to work with and has amazing insight.  When I’ve shared personal issues with which I’ve struggled, one for most of my life, she gently and tenderly posed a question that gave me an entirely new perspective.  That new perspective helped me to eventually transform my thought patterns and behavior.  They were issues I thought I would never resolve!  Jillian’s loving and tender approach is never judgemental and I feel safe sharing some of the most intimate issues with her.  One is in good hands with Jillian and she has the expertise to make a difference!  She made a difference in my life and for that I am eternally grateful.”

– Jo Ann Fritz, Dundee, IL